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The emergency down is one of the most important things you can teach your dog if you regularly let them off leash. 

It can keep them safe, keep others safe, and ensure total control. 

Watch the videos below to find out how and why you should incorporate this into your training!

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Creating Duration

Creating duration in your down

the good marker with zara

the emergency down

Emergency Down

Down-stay with zara

The emergency down - flowchart breakdown

ED Flowchart
Copy of Real Estate Illustrated Timeline Infographic (1).jpg

Ferris - downstay

Ferris - Down from distance (table method)

Distance down Table
Distance down tieback

Ferris - Down from distance (tie-back method)

distance down movement

Ferris - Down from movement (throwing food)

Distance down toy

Ferris - Down at distance (throwing toy)

Glory - end product with duration & "good" marker

End resul

Glory - end product & "YEs" marker

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