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It takes a village to rehabilitate dogs with behavioural problems.

Group Classes are a MASSIVE part of my programs to help fearful, anxious, reactive and aggressive dogs overcome their issues.

Our helper dogs (and their owners) are continually putting in their own precious time and energy to continue to rock up at group classes, stay back as late as they can and put their hand up whenever needed to help others. It really is selfless, I do not do this alone. Many of these dogs started as reactive, fearful or aggressive and have now finished their program. When they were learning, they had helpers present at group class to help them, and now they take that position to help others who are just starting. They get nothing for this - but we literally could not do what we do without them. 

(Imagine a class full of aggressive dogs and no social/balanced dogs to help them...yikes).

The HH Community is just that - a community. We are happy to help when needed and my helpers never ask for anything, but not only do I want to reward these people & dogs that I rely on so much, but I want to maintain an incentive for owners of social dogs who come through my programs & owners of dogs who have finished their program to keep attending for the sake of others.  

It's really hard being a helper dog, and we can't rely on any one helper for too long, or we risk setting them back. My helper dogs cannot solely help EVERY dog that comes through my doors, there's simply too many! So I truly rely on the help of social & graduated clients for this.

I already offer free ongoing group classes to these helpers, but realistically everyone is busy these days and any time given to others, unpaid, is truly valued. And I want to acknowledge that.

I of course will be donating a substantial chunk of funds from the business, but I can't cover it all to the extent that I'd like to, and I think we could do better together. So I'm asking current clients, past clients and anyone really that appreciates what we do to donate towards rewards for the helpers who do the most. 

Literally anything is a help, even just a couple of dollars. 

**Please Note: My business is clearly not a charity and therefore you cannot claim this gift as a tax deduction, it is simply an act of good will to show appreciation for the people who continue to help us, even though they don't have to.

To pay via PayPal, Credit/Debit Card (via Stripe) or to be sent Bank Details, use this button:

To help via our Paypal Donation Link, use this button:

Thank you in advance if you do choose to gift anything, even the smallest of amounts, it is so appreciated (especially with how tough things are for everyone currently) and helps us to continue rehabilitate dogs of Perth with behavioural problems.

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