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Our Puppy classes are different

(in a good way)

Our Puppy Class focus on raising confident, balanced, well-rounded pups.

With proper socialisation, confidence building and basic obedience & engagement exercises included, you will learn how to raise your puppy the best you possibly can and give the best chance of avoiding issues popping up in the future.

Easily the MOST important things to cover within the critical period are exposure, socialisation & environmental confidence. This is why we put a big focus on these things, and less on obedience or letting puppies wrestle like crazy (hot tip! this can cause issues in the future).

We teach you what socialisation SHOULD look like, and teach you how to create engagement and relationship with your puppy to avoid behavioural problems.

With this Puppy Class, you get my Puppy Passport Guide included, as well as access to a Facebook group to be able to discuss classes, ask questions and connect with others.


We PUT a large focus on raising confident, well-rounded pups...

> Proper socialisation with other pups and my balanced helper dogs

> How to create focus on handler around distractions

> Basics of obedience & creating recall

> Playing with your pups & how to fulfill their genetic needs

> Lots of interactive items to play with & a course for your pup to run through & conquer



Dates TBC, feel free to contact us 

The Details:

  • 5 week block of classes

  • Southern River (Private Property) location

  • $220 inc. GST 

  • Small Classes

  • Any breed from 10-24 weeks old (must have second booster vaccination)

  • 45 min class + questions answered at the end

  • Puppy Passport booklet to be sent out prior to class commencing so you can get a head start at home

INCLUDED: Puppy Passport Booklet (everything puppy related you need to know) sent out prior to class commencing so you can get a head start at home + online support through the duration of the course PLUS entry to interactive Facebook group where we discuss common questions in more detail.


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