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Group Class
Social Class
Social Class
Social Class
Socialisation Session with Bane
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Most of my results can currently be found at our Facebook page or Google Reviews, but feel free to have a look at some of the videos above on our website. 

Below you will find reviews from past program clients, and you can find more on the Facebook page as well.



I honestly can’t recommend Lauren enough! From the get go she has been willing to help me, even before I was a client and just a stranger on a Facebook group.

We started with Lauren in August and before this if we saw a dog on our walk, I would resort to hiding in the bushes holding onto the lead for dear life as the sight of another dog would instantly trigger Zeena into her highly explosive attack mode, with no way to break focus or recall her. 4 months later 90% (other 10% is on lead due to main roads) of our walk is off-lead with a solid reliable recall. I now look forward to my walks with Zeena are no longer a chore, now a pleasure!

The constant ongoing support and guidance from Lauren is incredible and her social/group classes is that extra mile you rarely find these days.

Thank you so much!


Where to start...Lauren is a life changer! Lorri has been patiently working with our Evie since February this year. Before meeting Lorri I had gotten to the point where I was too afraid to take Evie for a walk due to her dog reactivity, and the few walks we went on were not fun for me or her. As Evie grew older, fear aggression combined with high arousal and low impulse control made her into one feisty lady! I shed many tears wondering if I’d ever be able to walk her without worrying that an incident would happen. I’m sure that a lot of people with dogs who have aggression issues would agree that it can be very isolating. With Lauren’s guidance and wealth of knowledge we have seen so many changes in Evie’s behaviour. We can now walk Evie confidently without a muzzle and her recall is almost flawless (she has her moments). Her relationship with my other dog has improved and her bond with me has also strengthened. We still have work to do and may do for a while as this stuff takes time! But we would never have gotten here without Lorri, and we cannot thank her enough. Lauren is a true professional, she cares about each person and dog that she works with, and works with you in a way that is respectful, understanding, free of judgement and 100% supportive. Thank you Lorri so very much and big love to Bundy and Bane for their help too.


Highly highly recommend Holistic Hound Dog Training!

Lorri really has changed our lives for the better, the amount of progress we have made with our doggo Dig is incredible, giving us so much confidence and hope for a more relaxed, happy future for us all!

Sharing a bit of history to give you an idea of where Dig has come from.

Digger due to unfortunate circumstances didn't have much socialisation at all as a pup, during the early stages of life when it is so important to expose your pup to everything and everyone. After struggling at puppy school with reactive behaviour, through professional advice he became a bubble boy, isolated from his fears/all situations that would cause a blow up and heavily medicated.

Fast forward a year or so, he developed fear aggression towards people and other dogs, still struggling from over reactivity, over arousal and fear of new locations. He was so uncomfortable with everything outside of the house, anybody that would come to the house, approach him, other dogs walking on the other side of the street. His body would stiffen, heckles up, screaming and lunging at other dogs to the point where people would come outside of their houses, thinking there was a dog fight. An incident of snapping and lunging at the vet. Not only showing reactive behaviour to others but also to us when we would discipline him, he would redirect onto us, meeting his intensity with ours, over aroused and would start to jump and nip causing bruising.

We were so lost, lost all hope, in a really bad space not knowing what to do next.

Then we met Lorri, on the first meet, Dig lunged and snapped at her, Lorri kept her cool and to our surprise she was willing to help us out, help Dig overcome his fears. So grateful for her taking us on board!

Our first few sessions with Lorri were all about ecollar conditioning and making sure we were using the ecollar correctly, a priceless piece of the training puzzle, the ecollar was perfect to be used to communicate with Dig without us having to raise our voice, keeping our verbal cues very neutral so we didn't cause Dig to ramp up. We also worked on food drive and making the food reward as positive as we could, making it the main drive for change.

The first month of learning the basics, introducing a very strict structured routine at home, lots of crate training, crate chill time, we saw immediate results at home, his manners improved 10 fold and he became a lot more attentive. Group classes have been a huge part of Digs success, initially super stressful as Dig was very uncomfortable around other people and other dogs but The Best training opportunities for Dig.

Our one on one training has been great with Lorri, specifically tailoring it to what Dig needs to work on, not having any time restraints, not feeling rushed, Lorri makes it feel very relaxed. Lorri even organised a few other clients and her beautiful helper dogs to help Dig out when we got to the point of introducing socialisation. We've still got a way to go with human aggression but Lorri is sticking by us to help Dig get through it.

We've just successfully had a session at the dog beach with no blow ups, showing very polite behaviour, curious and interested in the dogs playing in the water. Incredible to start seeing his behaviour change from fear, reactivity and intensity to a lot more calm, interested, playful behaviour.

Over the moon with where we're at, on a great path, seeing great progress and witnessing Dig become this happy boy that loves life.

Can't thank Lorri enough for her time, patience, persistence, care, knowledge, motivation and drive to help struggling dogs and their humans, it's her passion and she's changing lives.


After doing our research we decided to engage Lorri from the Holistic Hound Dog Training to help us with Archie's impulse control issues (way too friendly) and to gain confidence with him in a beach environment.

Lorri put together a comprehensive training program and has worked with us one on one. It has been the best training program he has been involved in and he is now behaving beautifully around humans and other dogs. He has learnt to be calm in a down position and allow people and dogs to be around him without him getting excited and jumping. We are still working on beach visits and my confidence has grown with letting him interact with other dogs.

The monthly group training session are great reinforcement and confidence growing sessions.

Thanks Lorri for all your help and I will continue to recommend you to everyone that compliments Archie on his good behaviour.


Firstly we would like to thank you Lauren for your amazing guidance and professionalism.

Bear is an amazingly loving 2 year old American Staffy but his recall was rubbish and he would bound over to any other dogs often scaring them or their owners with his excited nature. We became more and more dependant on the lead meaning Bear never got a full experience from his park/beach visits.

We engaged The Holistic Hound Dog Training to help us give Bear the offlead freedom he so craved.

After 4 sessions I can confidently say Bear will happily walk past another dog if told not to engage.

I am immensely proud and so grateful.

10/10 recommendation.

Thanks Lorri for all your help and I will continue to recommend you to everyone that compliments Archie on his good behaviour.


For more, check out our Facebook / Google Reviews

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