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Hoover Hounds

You have no idea how powerful it can be to harness your dogs food drive...

People tell me all the time...

"Oh my dog just isn't really keen to work for her food"

"Yeah, food works great until he is outside and sees a distraction!"

Did you know you can overcome these issues?

Create the ultimate motivation for your dog to work for you and watch your value skyrocket, yes, even around distractions!

We can change how a dog feels about food

The use of food as positive reinforcement and motivation in order to teach dogs what they should be or could be doing is invaluable, but, it's not much use when the dog won't take food from you when you need them to right?

I'll tell you a story... my main helper dog, Bundy, used to work for his food beautifully inside the house for lots of different tricks and games.As soon as he stepped outside (i'm not exaggerating, 1 step outside the front door) he would switch off to food entirely. I as his handler meant nothing to him on a walk, everything else was more important.

But, by using the tips in this short course I was able to turn that around, create value in myself as his handler and get him taking food happily and enthusiastically outside. This allowed me to teach him amazing behaviours around distractions and trigger points for his behavioural issues, and resulted in us overcoming them entirely and Bun becoming my main helper dog. You can get the same results with a bit of work.

Enroll in the Hoover Hounds course to teach your dog how to hoover up that food regardless of where you are and what you're doing :)

CHAPTER 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: How dogs learn

chapter 3: nothing in life is free

Bonus Exercise - Create Natural Engagement Outside

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